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Member Events 2023

  • February 18th Saturday

  • March 18th Saturday

  • April 15th Saturday

  • May 6th Saturday

  • June 17th Saturday

  • July 23rd Sunday

  • August 26th Saturday

  • September 30th Saturday

  • October 29th Sunday

  • November 11th Saturday (Fall Foliage flight)

  • December 16th Saturday

In addition to breakfast/lunches we are also planning flights to area Airshows

  • May 21st Sunday Maguire Airshow (KWRI)

  • June 3rd Saturday Redding Airshow (KRDG)

  • June 10th Saturday Greenwood Lake Airshow (4N1)

  • August 16th Wednesday Atlantic City Airshow (KACY)

  • September 13/14/15/16/17 Wednesday through Sunday Reno Airshow (KRNO)

  • We are also making arrangements for local member events.

Member events:
  • May 6th Saturday we are planning a photoshoot for the newly painted fleet and the addition of N8211C Will include lunch.

  • June 24th Saturday Spot Landing Contest

  • July 8th Saturday Blueclaws night out (similar to what we did in 2021)

  • September 10th Sunday JAC Annual picnic and BBQ & Spot Landing Contest

  • October 14th Saturday Go-Karting at Millville (KMIV)

  • December 7th Thursday JAC Holiday Party

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