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Over 83 Years of History

There are over 300 flying clubs in the US alone. Some are more active than others. 

Organized in 1938 and chartered in 1939, the Jersey Aero Club is the 3rd oldest active flying club in the United States*. Initially founded and operating out of (formerly) Asbury Park Air Terminal (KARX) with only five members. 1 year later, another 107 would join to include famed American polar explorer and aviation pioneer Isaac "Ike" Schlossbach. He remained a member up until he died in 1984.

By Pearl Harbor time, the club had acquired 200 members and a battlefleet of J-3's; however, most of the members were drafted into the military to learn "instant flying" in support of the war (Flying Magazine, May 1966, pp. 55–57. )

Jersey Aero Lub Member Ike Schlossbach
Flying Mag NJ Flying Club
Flying Magaine Jersey Aero Club NJ

In 1957, the Jersey Aero Club had three airplanes in its fleet. An Aeronca Champion 65 HP would rent for $4.80 hr, a Champion 85HP for $5.40, and a Cessna 170B for $8.

In 2008, one of our most valued and senior members, Club Secretary Phillip Zollner, earned the coveted FAA's Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for his 56 years of service to general aviation.


Today the Jersey Aero Club operates out of Lakewood Municipal Airport in Lakewood, NJ,  boasts six aircraft in its fleet, and continues to have some of the lowest rates available.


Its membership of over 125 active aviators supports and promotes safe general aviation and continue to contribute to the JAC's rich history.

Herbert - Hall - Schlossbach - Zollner.1

* Active flying club is defined as a social flying club that owns and/or maintains an aircraft or fleet of aircraft for the benefit of the membership. Social aero clubs or clubs for aviation enthusiasts that do not own/operate their own aircraft are not represented in the following list

Clemson Flying Club - Established 1927

Reading Aero Club - Established 1932

Jersey Aero Club - Established 1938

Flying 20 Club - Established 1940


1939-41        Richard Wallace                       

1942-46        Edwin Wooley                          

1947              Thomas MacFeely                  

1948              George Murphy                      

1949-50        Harold Edwards                       

1951              George Ayers                           

1952              C. E. Gorden                              

1953              Charles Moraller                      

1954              Francis M. Hall                          

1955              Bernard Golden                       

1956              Abe Gindoff                              

1957              Donald McLain                         

1958              Donald Hurley                          

1959              Edward Dalton                         

1960              Stanley Herbert                       

1961              Alex Koleda                               

1962-63        Richard J. Lewis                        

1964              Robert C. Reed                        

1965              Jack Stayzn                

1966              Stacey J. Tavis                           

1967              Simon Lieberman                    

1968              Henry D. Poland                      

1969              George Wheeler                     

1970              Charles Hirtes                           

1971              John Dickson                             

1972              Earl Gelnaw                               

1973              Robert Wheat                          

1974              William Crowell                        

1975              Edwin B. Bundy                        

1976              Anthony J. Visdas                   

1977              Earl Gelnaw                               

1978              Arthur Martino                        

1979              J. Bruce Mawson                     

1980              Michael A. Pilla

1981              David A. Kregg                          

1982              W. Greg Hill    

1983              Francis A. Gasparini           

1984               Charles Bramhall                     

1985               Lawrence E. Rook

1986               Robert B. Kraeuter

1987               Ronald E Pietkewitz

1988               John V. Bajus

1989               Andrew Nunes-Vais

1990               James H. Bemiss

1991               Cheryl Clapp

1992               W. David Tranger

1993               Donald W. Clapp

1994               Dennis Rittenhouse

1995               Diana Visdas

1996               David M. Williamson

1997               Dan Bachrach

1998               Bill Green

1999               Jim O’Connor

2000               Ted LaBarca

2001               Greg Valvo

2002               Doug Livornese

2003               Mark Matthews

2004               Art Oberle

2005               Dave Hartdorn

2006               Dick Augusty

2007               Tom Flieger

2008               Fred Horney

2009               Eli Korn

2010               Frank Duelly

2011               Kitty Flakker

2012               Eric White

2013               John Zazulka

2014               George Killeen

2015               Walter Szablowski

2016-17         Bill Patullo

2018-19         Steve Adams

2020               Alex Justo

2021              Jeff Dubois

2022              Vinnie DiPrenda

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