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Safety Committee Update March 2021

As many of you may know, the JAC stood up a new Safety Committee at the end of 2020. chaired by Bill Stephenson, it also includes 2 full-time members, John Impaglia and Mark Mizrahi. It also includes advisory members, Jason Fox and Len Civitano.

Our mission is to help promote the safest flying club possible by mitigating risk to an acceptable level, thereby taking a proactive view on safety. Aviation safety often comes down to a balance between full and unrestricted flight operations and leaving the planes on the ground where no harm should ever come.

Our initial focus has been on engaging ourselves into all aspects of the club as safety spans every corner of our club-wide operations. We are seeking to target the best use of our resources by identifying our main areas of risk by conducting a formal Risk Profile for the JAC.

We believe that a healthy Safety Culture comes from a community fully engaged in this process. We will eventually all view the operations through a safety lens. For example, from parking our car in the lot to taxiing the plane away from the flight line, we should be able to identify any risks or hazards present. Whether it’s a fall hazard in the club house to loose gravel our prop may pick up and blow behind the aircraft, these all fall under the overall safety of our club.

In order to be proactive as opposed to reactive with these risks and hazards, the safety committee will focus on the areas where the club is most exposed. This, naturally involves all of our members participating in a reporting process where if you see something, say something.

Proactive safety requires we foresee the trouble before it strikes. With that in mind, the more reports or concerns that we can analyze, the greater the likelihood we’ll catch something before it occurs.

Thanks to all who have already supported our efforts with your expertise, suggestions, and participation. This will only work if we all share the goals stated above.

Visit our Safety Page on the JAC Wiki for more information and regular updates.

Safe Flying

– Bill Stephenson


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