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Thank You, Vortex

Serving as editor in chief of the Vortex, the storied publication of the Jersey Aero Club, since 2021, I am excited to pass the task over to the capable hands of Elias Zwillenberg. Throughout my tenure as editor, I learned a great deal about our individual membership, gained insights into our collective history as a flying club, and cultivated new friendships and mentorships that I will keep for the rest of my flying career. As I continue my aviation career and head to the airlines, I have no doubt that Elias will continue the tradition of our Vortex and ignite a renewed passion for our club. At the end of the day, the Vortex is a publication fueled by your individual contributions, so please do not lose sight of the fact that you have a voice in our club, and that voice can be heard by all, in the Vortex.

To blue skies,

Sonja Wosnitzer

Eli's Favorite Vortex Editor


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