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"$100 Hamburger:" Pizza Edition

Three families bequeathed New Haven with a hat trick of Italian American pizza parlors and a legacy that inspires imitation. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, known simply as Pepe's, was the first to open on Wooster Street in 1925, Modern Apizza opened on State Street in 1934, followed by Sally's Apizza on Wooster Street in 1938. As pizzerias come and go, none have risen to the level of these big three.

Synonymous with New Haven pizza, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is the granddaddy of New Haven's pizza scene. From its humble beginnings on Wooster Street in 1925, Pepe's has recently expanded to five additional locations in Connecticut and New York. Although much time and expense has gone into duplicating the taste and feel of the Pepe's experience, none come close to the experience of the original Pepe's location in New Haven.

Trip Planning:

  • Plan New Haven Tweed Airport (KHVN.)

Tower Operating Hours 0600-2200

  • Pro tip: land before 2200 to avoid $100 gate fee.

  • 100LL available. (call ahead)

  • Flight time direct from N12-KHVN: est 1:00, 93NM

  • Expect 9min taxi from KHVN to Pepe's.

Cred: Brett Paulus

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