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8211C Joins the JAC Line

Jersey Aero Club leadership and Alex Justo are excited to announce that 8211C, the new Archer, will be expected to join the JAC fleet on April 15, 2022.

Dave Williamson has set up dates for initial checkouts on select weekends. Please check aircraft clubs for for information and to reserve a 2 hour block for a checkout flight.

Note: the aircraft will be in the break-in period so everything must be done in a manner as to not compromise that process. The JAC Instructor doing initial checkouts will be responsible to make sure that the brake-in procedures are explained to the pilot and adhered to the full extent possible unless there is an emergency.

Unlike most of the existing fleet, 8211C will be equipped with an Avidyne IFD440. Please check the wiki for manuals and important operations information.

Avidyne has also created a useful Youtube channel with a series of basic training videos you can access here.

Access the trainer app available on the app store called IFD Trainer for at home practice on an iPad.


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