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A Delicious Tradition Returns

"This is what the club is all about." That's the sentiment echoed the 20 members having a wonderful breakfast at the Apron Cafe at Hammonton Airport one recent Saturday morning.

N81 was the first airport on a long list of activity destinations that the Activities Committee Chair Robert Marrocco has lined up for us this 2023 flying season.

As far back in JAC history as I can remember, every Saturday all of the club aircraft were scheduled from 8 to 12 for some fun group activity. Sometimes all of the aircraft flew out sometimes just 2 or 3. Either way it was always a great time to fly, have a good meal, and share stories with friends both old and new. How great that Activity's Chair Robert Marrocco is bringing this lovely tradition back on alternating Saturdays and Sundays to ensure all groups are included!

What better way is there to enjoy the spirit of the JAC and get the most out of your membership than to fly in to eat out with friends? All members are invited and assured of a great time with good food and better folks.

The next breakfast is coming on March 18th! Check for Members Events on the JAC website under "Whats Happening" for future events and be sure to add them to your own personal calendar.

Safe Flying,

Cheryl Papas

Membership Chair

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