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Dues, MMFR, and Making Payments

Many members may have noticed that we are getting stricter on dues and other payments being made on time. This is unfortunately a necessary evil to keep an organization of our size running smoothly. I am writing this article to answer for everyone some of the questions I am hearing from our members as well as ask for your help in keeping our overhead low. Dues

  • Monthly dues are currently $80 for flying/student members and $35 for non-flying members.

  • Dues are due on the first of the month and are considered late if not paid with your first flight of the month or by the end of the month. For example, if you fly on the 12th of a month, you can pay your dues for that month on the ticket you create after that flight. On the other hand, if you do not fly during a month, then your dues payment is expected to be received by the end of that month.

  • If you fly with unpaid dues or the club does not receive your dues payment by the end of the month, you may receive a fine.


  • MMFR (Monthly Minimum Flight Revenue) is also assessed with your dues if your flight revenue during the past 12 months plus the balance in your Flight Credit account is less than the required minimum revenue target which is currently $800.

  • The maximum MMFR assessment is $67 (one-twelfth of $800 rounded to the nearest dollar).

  • What some flying members are doing is putting $80 into their dues account and $67 into their advance time account each month. If they get an MMFR assessment, then their dues account goes negative and that amount is automatically swept in from their advance time account. If they do not get an MMFR assessment, then they use the advance time credit for their next flight.

  • Funds in your Advance Time account can be used to pay any club obligation, are fully refundable, and never expire.

  • MMFR assessments go into your Flight Credit account, can be used only for future flights, are not refundable, and expire in 12 months.

Making Payments

  • When making payments, whether by Venmo or check, please indicate clearly what you are paying. Sometimes we receive payments and it takes some detective work to figure out what was intended or, if we can't figure it out, the wrong thing gets paid. If you are paying one or more existing tickets, please indicate the ticket number(s). Otherwise, please state clearly what the payment is for.

  • All payments must eventually be associated with one or more tickets. If you are paying something that is not already on a ticket, the VP has to create one for you. If you can possibly go into Aerostar and create a ticket yourself (tickets -> enter -> Enter a New Ticket), that would save the VP a lot of time.

  • Please consider putting advance time on account periodically and then drawing from it instead of making individual payments for everything. Each time you send the club a payment, the VP has to process it. The VP is a volunteer and this is a lot of work, especially with our roster growing.

  • Feel free to pay more than one item and/or ticket with a single payment as long as your payment clearly indicates how it should be applied.

A hearty thank you to all of you who do the work of keeping this great club running.

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