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Hannah Umberger: Missionary Flights

One of JACs approved CFIs, Hannah Umberger, will be flying TurboProp DC-3s for Missionary Flights based in Fort Pierce Florida. They are a Christian organization that exists to support ministries throughout the Caribbean. They provide transportation cargo and mail service to hundreds of affiliated organizations through the use of two turbine DC-3’s.

Hannah will be flying back and forth between Fort Pierce and Haiti most of the time, with other flights throughout the islands as needed. Hannah started out as a student working the line at N12 fueling our aircraft and eventually earned Flight Instructor Certification. While gaining flight time in a twin turboprop, Hannah will not be receiving a salary and is responsible for her own room and board.

Hannah will start this Fall, (based on contributions and donations). If you would like to make a one time gift or a small monthly gift to support Hannah, you can contribute through or by check with the memo. Acct. 2836.

For more information, visit

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