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Letter From Jeff Dubois

Dear Jersey Aero Club,

Thank you, JAC Members, for your patience while your club continues to work through a challenging winter maintenance schedule, two aircraft incidents, and an Air Worthiness Directive. The good news is that most of this work has been completed thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our Super Trustee, Trustees, Officers, Board Members and Committees.

By the time you read this, all our aircraft will have either completed or be near completion of our annual inspections and we will have 3 zero-time engines installed in our aircraft. Archer N8211C, our newest acquisition, is scheduled to come online at the beginning of May, thanks to the excellent acquisition and refurbishment oversight by Alex Justo. This aircraft will be delivered with a zero-time engine, new avionics, annual inspection, and refurbishment.

Guy Virone and Guillermo Arce were able to acquire a wing for N40JA Wing Spar AD repair, which will cut the repair time by three months. Guy and Julius Fernandez have done an incredible job getting 41JA in excellent shape and continue to bring the aircraft online following an unforeseen ground incident. Greg Valvo has been working to improve the condition of our Saratoga and upgrade the avionics. Brett has been keeping our beautiful Cessna in great condition, and thanks to Walter Johnson for stepping up to oversee maintenance on our Mooney.

As challenging as this winter has been, we can look forward to a great Spring and Summer with good aircraft availability.

Jeff Dubois

Jersey Aero Club President

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