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Proxy Vote Change Comes to Vote in September JAC Meeting

A vote will be held to accept or reject the bylaw changes proposed by the elections committee following the 2022 JAC elections process. Some of the new features include:

  • Voting over period of several days - This ensures that people who might not be able to make a meeting have a chance to have their voice heard in the JAC elections. It also highly diminishes the need for proxies.

  • Officer Elections use a “Majority” voting process - In other words. the candidate with more then 50% of the vote wins or there's a runoff.

  • Board Elections use a “Plurality” voting process - In other words, the candidate with the most vote wins.

  • A fixed nomination period for candidates.

  • There are deadlines in which candidates must declare the position and commit to running.

  • Candidates can run for only one seat.

  • A fair amount of time for candidates to express their views.

  • Employs a secure, dependable online voting system. It guarantees anonymity and the results are easily validated.

The charter given to this committee was:

  • To achieve more fair results - Everyone should have a chance to vote and have their voices heard. It should take into consideration people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to vote in a single meeting.

  • Simplicity in the process

  • Ability for more of the voting population to participate in elections

  • Confidentiality of results

  • Confidence in the results

The link to the committee report is here:

The link to the proposed bylaw changes:

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