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Rules Committee Update Q3

Lately we have had a number of reports of bald spots on tires. One was so bad that it was a miracle that the tire did not blow. And the plane flew with the tire like that at least one more time. If you find yourself having to use aggressive braking or locking a tire, please consider getting some instruction to improve your technique--maybe you are landing at the wrong speed, too high, not aiming properly, carrying too much power, not carrying enough power, touching down with the brakes on, etc. Seeking additional instruction to improve skills is beneficial for the airplane and the club member.

Some of our members seem to feel very hurried to make the first taxiway off the runway, resulting in applying the brakes too quickly. Instead, make sure your heels are on the floor, let the lift die before going for the brakes, apply even and steadily increasing pressure on the brakes while simultaneously bringing the yoke into your lap. Use all of the available runway for slowing down and stopping the aircraft under positive control.

Please also be aware that, if the pilot after you reports a bald spot (or any other damage for that matter) and you did not report it, you will very likely be charged for the repair. This is a strong incentive to do a thorough preflight inspection and report any issues to the trustee before your flight, not to mention that one of our first lessons as student pilots was on doing thorough preflight inspections because our lives and the lives of our passengers depend on them.

-Guillermo Arce, Chief Instructor

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