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Rules Committee Q3 Report

The Rules Committee is comprised of three members and an alternate and its primary function is to Ensure that the flying rules outlined in our by-laws are being adhered to as well as to become a investigative Committee should a serious incident occur. Information comes into the committee by our general presence around the airport and aircraft, reviewing the flight scheduling system, being contacted by the treasurer when reconciling monthly flying tickets, and members encountering a condition.

The current theme of this committee is to act as an educational branch, not punitive. Under certain circumstances a punitive position will be taken. When an infraction becomes known to us that member will be contacted, the circumstance presented, and the member given an opportunity to comment. Outcomes are that the situation is dismissed due to conflicting information, a warning is issued, or a fine is processed. There is an infraction list in the clubs wiki which is utilized for educational purposes as well as for the club to gage occurrences.

If you are a new member generally within a year you are getting a free pass regarding fines. You will be contacted but given the courtesy as a learning member. It is impossible to grasp the entire pre-flight thru post-flight processes immediately. It takes repetition and knowledgeable flying to make it easier and the learning curve quicker.

My general feeling is that with the amount of flying occurring at this time as well as the growth of new members the level of infractions is quit small. Always check and double check all procedures from the time that you enter the flight office, thru the flight, to exiting the office. You generally will have recognized a break in the chain and corrected it.

One item that will be helpful to our treasurer and ultimately the rules committee is to read and right down the tack times accurately in the plane logs as well as the flying tickets and legibility is important. If a member ever has a question about anything we are all here to help each other.

Be courteous of the scheduling system as we are very active. Attempt to fly your scheduled flights, other than poor weather or an unseen personal situation and cancel your reservation promptly and adjust the scheduling system should you get back earlier than anticipated. Having been in the club for twenty two years we have a very liberal scheduling system at this time. Lets work towards maintaining it.

Dave Hartdorn on behalf of the rules committee.

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