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The JAC needs YOU!

Have you ever wondered how our aircraft rates are so reasonable? The answer is sheer volunteerism. Our volun

teers have kept the JAC going, and growing, for 85 years.

Imagine what our rental rates would be if we had to pay our officers and contributors. Treasurer, secretary, President, VP, board of directors, assistants, all of our hard working aircraft trustees, committeepersons, sponsor-mentors, clubhouse maintenance... the list is endless.

We all appreciate what our volunteers do. I take some time to consider their efforts every time I get into one of our beautifully painted, safe and well equipped airplanes. The best form of g

ratitude is any amount of assistance that you can give, no matter how small. That is what a JAC membership is all about.

What will you get for your effort?

Fun, sometimes food, camaraderie, memorable experiences, pride of accomplishment, a feeling of value and appreciation. It has a way of keeping you coming back year after year.

And, of course, our probationary members always receive meeting credits for any participation.

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